Michael Allen Smith 😀

The odds are that you are on the wrong page.

I have a common name. Too common. Smith is the most popular last name in the United States and Michael was the most popular boys name for four decades. On this page, I'll introduce myself so you know if I'm the Michael Allen Smith you are looking for.

I have several websites. See my GitPage for un updated list.

Interests 👨🏼‍🍳

Fitness, nutrition, coffee, web development, cooking, economics, The Ohio State Buckeyes, blogging, kimchi, and learning Spanish.

Locations 🏡

me on a bike as a kid
Me on a bike ~1975

Schools 🏫

In 1994, I graduated from Ohio State with a BS in Information Systems and Finance.

Sunday suit
Me at age 11

Military 💣

me in basic training
Me (on the left) at Fort Benning for Army Basic Training 1987

Connect With Me 👋🏼

I accept all Facebook Friend requests from real accounts. However, I only connect with people I've worked with on LinkedIn. Everyone is welcome to email me - except for business and new contributor requests for INeedCoffee. Those emails will be deleted and blocked.

michael and elephant
Me (on the left) in Thailand 2009

Good Citizen 🤗

Although several other people with my exact name have gotten into legal trouble, my record is clean. I've never been arrested.

My credit score is over 800, but don't bother trying to hack into my bank accounts by answering security questions with any information that you find on this page. I not only use very long unique passwords for every account, I also seed the security question answers with nonsensical fake data.

michael donating hair
Me donating hair in January 2023.