I started in April 1999. It is a popular coffee site focused on coffee education. There are many tutorials on brewing and home roasting coffee.

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Critical MAS

On my personal blog, I have 1,600+ posts that cover a wide range of topics, including nutrition and fitness.

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My GitPage portal over on GitHub. This also connects to my GitHub profile.


Neil Rogers

After Miami radio legend Neil Rogers died, I stepped forward to lead an audio restoration project. It has recovered 5,000 hours of audio and other media. The project has been twice featured in the Miami Herald.



The agricultural section of INeedCoffee became large enough to warrant its own website. EcoFriendlyCoffee goes deep into the science of coffee farming.

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Coffee Club App

The Coffee Club of Seattle is a successful Meetup group that was formed in 2006. This is a site I created to manage our historical data. It uses web-scraping and the Yelp API for reporting.

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